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Insight FDS

The Insight FDS is a low cost, nonintrusive sensor for fluid film bearings that indirectly measures bearing forces to provide time waveform and spectral data comparable to proximity probes without the need for equipment downtime or machine work to install.

Health Condition Monitoring for Your Fluid Film Bearings

  • Installs in minutes with no tools or downtime required.
  • Footprint is so small, it fits easily inside reciprocating engines and compressors directly on the main bearings.
  • Connects to any data acquisition system, whether permanent or portable.
  • As reliable and maintenance free as an accelerometer.
  • Data comparable to Proximity Probe, in some ways superior.
  • Similar to the probe in its ability to detect unbalance, misalignment, worn bearings, gear & motor faults, oil whirl, and shaft whip.
  • It is superior in its ability to capture rubs and a loss of oil feed.
Voyager - Insight FDS
Voyager - insight FDS with cable

Insight FDS vs Proximity Probes


  • Minimal to No Downtime to Install
  • No Machining of the Bearing Required
  • Data As Good As A Proximity Probe
  • Load Quantified
  • No Special Shaft Preparation
  • No Slow Roll Compensation Required for Accurate Data
  • Fits Inside Engines and Compressors on Main Bearings

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Insight FDS vs Accelerometers


Accelerometers DO NOT give consistent, accurate data on fluid film bearings.

The properties of the Accelerometer limit bearing housing acceleration, making the accelerometer and its data nearly useless.

With the Insight FDS the data reported is as reliable as that from a Proximity Probe.

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