FDS101 Insight FDS Sensor - Stud or Adhesively Mounted

  • $750.00

The FDS101 Insight FDS Sensor is easy to mount and provides a monitoring solution for all fluid film bearings.

The FDS101 Insight FDS Sensor is the larger but less expensive model of Voyager Instrument's force detection condition monitoring solutions. It is the ideal solution for otherwise unprotected fluid film bearings, and offers key insight into the operating conditions of your machinery.

The FDS101 can be stud or adhesively mounted to bearing housings for simple installation and no downtime for your machine.

(Mounting Stud included with each sensor purchase.)

For adhesive installation, purchase the FDS101 Installation Kit (which includes 2 magnetic fixtures and a 3 ml syringe of adhesive.)

- IEPE Powered
- 40 mV/με
- 0.01-10kHz (Approximate)
- +/- 100 με Dynamic Range
- M6 x 20 Conical Head Mounting Screw (included)
- -50 to +85 C
- 10-32 UNF Connector

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