Case Studies

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Case Study #1: Rotor Bar Fault in AC Induction


Pioneer was working with a client in the coal-fired power plant industry to identify a malfunction in one of their AC induction motors. This AC induction motor was fitted with journal bearings and was the driver for a Primary Air Fan. The client had proximity probes and case mounted accelerometers installed on the AC induction motor. At first, the proximity probes seemed to indicate a rotor bar fault, while the accelerometers gave the impression of some kind of impact event happening. After analyzing the data and correctly identifying the malfunction as a rotor bar fault, Pioneer wanted to help their client get better data on their assets and capture data on their uncovered equipment to help them run their plant with more efficiency. Pioneer recommended that their client test the Insight Force Detection Sensor (FDS) on the AC induction motor with the known rotor bar fault in conjunction with the proximity probes and accelerometers to see that they could have better data and less installation costs if they had used the Insight FDS. The customer ordered 40 more Insight FDS to install throughout their plant. 

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