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Insight FDS vs. Accelerometers

Benefits Over Accelerometers

The Benefits of the Insight FDS over Accelerometers on Fluid Film Bearings is simple.

Accelerometers DO NOT give consistent, accurate data on fluid film bearings and we will tell you why.


In a Fluid Film Bearing you have:

  • Low Stiffness
  • High Damping
  • Low Rotor Mass
  • High Bearing Mass

These properties limit bearing housing acceleration, making the accelerometer nearly useless.

Accelerometers DO work well on Rolling Element Bearings.

In a Rolling Element Bearing you have:

  • High Stiffness
  • Low Damping
  • High Rotor Mass
  • Low Bearing Mass

These properties allow the rotor to accelerate the bearing housing, making the accelerometer viable.

Rolling Element Bearing

Rotor Unbalance

Rotor Kit Data

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